Madeleine Venter is a talented and diverse Christian author and blogger. Equally fluent in both English and Afrikaans. She writes essays, poetry, short stories, plays, children’s books and novels. Over the years, her writing had been a blessing to many readers.

She has a very special way with words, and – as a qualified teacher with an Associate Degree in Pastoral Counseling – a comfortable, informal approach to teaching important faith topics in a relevant, comprehensive manner. Her writing portrays a sensitive, observing spirit.

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I bought a few copies of the book as gifts to my friends and family, and this book changed all of our lives.

I never understood ‘Hope and Grace’. I believed in it, and knew about it, but always questioned it and felt a bit pessimistic about hope, until I read this book, The Grace Song.

It opened up the whole concept for me and I had a new encounter with God, because I understood it for the first time – not that hope and grace is something you need to understand – but that was the beauty of it, everything just all of a sudden made sense, and I realized, like a miracle, how I can just rest in the Lord, and all things will work out according to His plan, just like it did for the main character of the book. This special book changed my life in a way I cannot describe. You need to read the book and you will agree with me.

Bernadette Kruger
MMG, BEd Hons, DTM,

When you pick up a book called "Little Lambs....." you may think that you already know how the story would unfold, but a surprise awaits once you start turning the pages. 

Behind the cover, you enter into the lambs' world. You find that they each have their own personality and that they learn about the fruit of the Spirit in the most unexpected ways. 

My children absolutely adored the lambs' characters and immediately identified with them. Reading only one story before bedtime became a problem as they just could not wait to hear what the little lambs would get up to next. And of course, when we reached the last story they were begging for more. I love how beautifully the Biblical principles are incorporated into each story. Without even knowing it my own"little lambs" were learning about life and how to live. 

In the last story, the lambs are challenged to apply the lessons learned in the book. I was surprised at how much my children could remember. 

The stories were brought to life so skillfully that they could internalise the lessons woven into each story without effort. These stories brought with them so much joy and such valuable lessons that we are all eagerly awaiting more little lamb adventures. 

Joset Jordaan-Marais
Mother of two beautiful children, Instructional Designer & Facilitator, MCom